Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions are issued by Australian Property Alliance Pty Ltd (Nicheliving) and apply to the Stamp Duty promotion being offered by Nicheliving (Promotion):
  1. This Promotion commences on 8th June 2021 and ends on 30 June 2021 (or such other date determined by Nicheliving in its absolute discretion) (Promotion Period).
  2. This Promotion applies in respect of contracts entered into during the Promotion Period (Eligible Contract) for the sale and purchase of the following categories of Nicheliving properties:
      1. High End Nicheliving off-the-plan luxury home collection properties.
      2. selected Nicheliving home and land packages as determined in Nicheliving’s absolute discretion as a property to which this Promotion applies and as confirmed in writing by Nicheliving to the buyer at the date of entry into an Eligible Contract (Home and Land), (each an Eligible Property).
  3. This Promotion is available to the buyer of an Eligible Property under an Eligible Contract (Eligible Buyer).
  4. If the Eligible Buyer is a foreign person as defined by section 205A of the Duties Act 2008, then the Promotion excludes Home and Land.
  5. The Promotion contemplates Nicheliving discounting the value of any Eligible Property under an Eligible Contract by an amount determined by reference to the transfer duty that would have been payable on the Eligible Contract based on the purchase price of the Eligible Property prior to any deduction made under this Promotion (Applicable Transfer Duty).
  6. The maximum discount that Nicheliving will apply to any Eligible Property on account of the value of Applicable Transfer Duty is $50,000 and offer only available with full asking price as advertised and does not apply to offers below asking price.
  7. This Promotion does not apply in conjunction with any other offer made by Nicheliving or its related bodies corporate.
  8. This Promotion is not open to employees of Nicheliving or its related bodies corporate, or any member of their immediate family.
  9. All hypotheticals, illustrations and examples depicted on the High End Nicheliving website or in Nicheliving advertising materials are for illustrative purposes only Please contact Nicheliving on 9483 0000 for more details.
  10. The information provided in these terms and conditions do not and should not be regarded as legal, financial or other professional advice.
  11. You should at all times, having regard to your personal circumstances, obtain your own independent legal, financial, taxation and other professional advice before making any decision based on any information provided by Nicheliving in these terms and conditions, including but not limited to the Promotion, the application and calculation of transfer duty, the purchase of property or the entry into any contract with Nicheliving.
  12. This Promotion is in no way affiliated with and operates independently of any rebate scheme or other initiative made available by any government body pursuant to any applicable law.
  13. The terms of Nicheliving’s Privacy Policy apply to this Promotion.
  14. These terms and conditions are subject to change during the Promotion Period.
  15. These terms are governed by the laws of Western Australia.
For more details, please phone Nicheliving on 9483 0000.
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